Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Zara Online.

I'm not sure about you but something I've definitely been waiting for is Zara to start online shopping and my wish has been granted as in exactly 9 days on the 2nd of September Zara Online Shop will be coming to cyberspace, to the comfort of my bedroom, I can buy a gorgeous dress whilst lying on my bed maybe sipping a cuppa. Lucky or what?
Zara is currently one of my favorite shops, I love their sophisticated yet edgy and interesting clothes which you could wear to work as well as casually. It's Brilliant!
So in celebration of this forthcoming event I have been browsing the Zara website and chosen my favorite outfits from the Zara lookbook and catalog which we'll all soon be able to buy with the help of some plastic! Yay! I don't think I can fully portray my excitement in writing but let me tell you, upon finding out, there was lots of jumping and shouting!

So here goes...

 I love all of these looks, I included some men's looks too just because I love men's clothes, I wish I could wear them all the time. I especially like the fur-lined jacket the model on the left is wearing.
I love the outfit of the woman in the middle of the top row, it's so simple but it looks really comfortable and really good and smart-casual, what more do you want from an outfit? It needs a bit of accessorizing though, perhaps a necklace.
I love all the big, comfortable jumpers, especially for winter, the white one in the top right looks really nice however I really like the one in the bottom right because although it looks comfortable, the print makes it cool and funky too. Unfortunately, due to my extraordinary amount of chestiness and it having a high neck and being cropped, it probably would not suit me, but maybe if I saw it in the shop and was REALLY tempted, I could make it work.

 Ok, I'll make this short, I love the smart-cas trousers in the first pictures, and those shoes look really nice. The navy floral dress and satchel bag in the second picture are pretty but edgy. And despite it being an unusual legnth, that skirt in the last picture looks really good, I think you'd really have to wear it right though.

 These outfits are probably ones I wouldn't wear because you'd have to be pretty special to pull of some of this stuff, but if you do it right, you'll look really individual and good. I have to say the first picture has a sort of trampy look but I really like it,especially those fingerless gloves.
The second picture is really on trend with the nautical shirt, long socks and varsity jacket. I got a varsity jacket a while back from River Island, it's actually a man's jacket but I LOVE it.
 And the third picture, what can I say... cable knit? Nothing is ever wrong with cable knit... well most of the time anyway. The dress is also so pretty and floaty, and those shoes...

 Lastly, a few more men's looks which I love. Especially that cool cardigan, which looks really unique in the first picture,  the plaid shirt in the second picture and the chunky cardigan in the last picture. They're all so simple but they all look really good. It must be easy to be a man...

 Ok I shall shutup now...
Hope you can't wait as much as me and that you enjoyed the looks I chose! :)
Jamilah X

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Joobah said...

*Love* the first few pictures, the patterned jumper on the second row looks so comfy. Great selection.