Thursday, 19 August 2010

Kate Kanzier

I've recently been hearing this name quite a lot and when my sister told me to look Kate Kanzier up I was definitely pleasantly surprised. Especially after searching for hours for cheap, good quality brogues for school, the cheapest being around £60, looking at the Kate Kanzier website seeing how hard-wearing they look I expected them to be at least the same price. However at just £30 they are such a bargain! You can get two pairs of shoes for the amount you'd normally pay for one!
Kate Kanzier doesn't only sell brogues but they also have loafers, sandals, ballerinas, heels AND bags. They also currently have a summer sale on so what are you waiting for?  Go crazy guys!
I've chosen my favorite item from each genre on the website to show you and let me tell you it was NOT easy to pick just one! I hope you like them! If you'd like to see more Kate Kanzier items click here. And by the way, the items don't just come in the colour I've chosen, most of them come in more that one colour.

I really liked how funky and different these sandals were and guess the price? Only £10!

These were from the 'Ballerinas' section, I'm not sure they're everyone's taste but I liked that they were simple but the colour makes they a bit cooler and more striking, and they're only £20! There are some normal Ballerina's also available on the website which you may like more.

Aaah, brogues, these were probably the hardest to choose as there are SO MANY amazing brogues on the website, there's something for everyone. These brogues are £30.

I'm yet to get a pair of Loafers but these could well be on my wish list, they're £35 and I love the fringing, tassels and slightly glossy look.

Do you see these shoes? These beautiful, candy purple, suede heels? I know they're some of the more expensive heels but I'd pay £55 for them any day. *Sigh*. These are basically me in a shoe.

These were the only Ankle Boots available. Although I wasn't too keen on them at first, I do really like all the
detail and I can see how they could work, they're also reduced from £65 to £30 which it pretty good.

Now, I'm a bit of a sucker for bags, and I loved the strong colour of this and the contrast of the detail, I think it makes it really stand out. It could make a simple outfit more colourful and exciting, it's also reduced from £75 to £55.

Lastly, this £20 bamboo clutch bag was different from any clutch I've ever seen, small but perfectly formed.

I hope you liked the items I chose. Also, if you live in London, there is a Kate Kanzier store on Leather Lane, the nearest tube station to it is Farringdon.
Designer accessories for only a fraction of the price. I love!
Jamilah X


the style crusader said...

oh kate kanzier is one of my favourites. have you been to the shop yet? it's incredible. like a candy shop... there are so many incredible things.

thanks for your lovely comment! am just having a scroll through your blog and it looks really good. the clothes show looks like it was really cool! xx

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for taking the time to look through my blog.
I haven't been yet but I definitely hope to go soon. Sounds amazing :) xx