Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Style I Want to Steal : Alexis Bledel

So I was flipping through a magazine the other day looking for "inspiration" when I saw a picture of the girl I knew as geeky little Rory Gilmore from the Gilmore Girls all grown up with some serious style! So that's what inspired me to do this post, I'll do a different person every once in a while.
I found images of the recent outfits she's worn and let me tell you her simple yet bold fashion sense definately compliments her natural beauty.
This simple black figure hugging dress contrasts well against her pale skin. She didn't overdo the accessories and so the dress is saved from looking tacky. I like her loose hair because it livens up the look. And do you see those beautiful sturdy black ankle boots? WOW. Is all I can say.

 This beautiful and appropriate, seeing as the sun is shining, floral summer dress. Again, she's kept it simple wearing pretty nude sandles and carrying a small clutch.

The colours are bold the clothes are simple. Simple, Simple, Simple. That's all I have to say people. You can also see that she hasn't over done the make-up. Less is more I say! Those shoes and sunglasses are gorgeous!!! She's managed to look comfortable, smart, casual AND striking. Oh how does she do it?

 Yes I know I said simple... and although her mixing of patterns and colours here is quite daring and un-Alexis like. I think it's safe to say. It works! And the swept back hair and minimal jewellery keeps it from being over the top. Who needs jewelley when you have those shoes?

 Lastly but absolutely not least, this is probably my favorite outfit by a fraction. The colour of this dress is nothing less that dazzling, I wish I could think of a better word but this dress makes me lost for words. The lace detail makes it prettier and more exquisite. And I have only one word left. Shoes.

 Although we can't all look like Alexis Bledel, with her piercing blue eyes and greek-goddess type looks. We can sure dress like her for probably a fraction of the extortionate price I'm sure she paid. The high-street offers so many beautiful floral dresses and simple white shirts that can be paired with slim-fitting black trousers. Or bold coloured heels and plain sandals. Most of her outfits are easy to recreate, thats the best part! The high-street is your oyster.

Jamilah X

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MJ said...

I really like the watercolour-type floral dress... and those eyes! Gorgeous!