Monday, 27 June 2011

Sale Time.

It's summer sale time and a lot of people have told me that the stuff is not great. I haven't had a properchance to look at the sales yet but I was browsing the Zara website the other day and these were some things I liked:

Two-tone Track Sneaker down to £29.99 from £59.99
They've been reduced by quite a lot and I'm so tempted, I'm not sure they're summer appropriate but knowing the UK we wont have much of a summer although it's sweltering hot today.

Two-Pocket Briefcase reduced to £19.99 from £39.99.
It's so pretty and reasonable seeing as most satchels I've seen have been in excess of £50, and I can see it being used A LOT!

Waxed Jacket reduced to £59.99 from £79.99.
I know it's still relatively expensive and it's a bit of a strange purchase just before the summer but when it gets to autumn/winter all the coats will be really expensive and I really LOVE this one.

Striped T-shirt reduced to £6.99 from £9.99.
I love the colour, it's really reasonably priced and it's great for the summer!

Anybody made any sale purchases?

Jamilah X

Friday, 17 June 2011

Fearne Cotton. Warning: Image Heavy!

Can I just say I am really not the type of person to love a celebrities style and I cannot recall ever doing so until now, so even I'm surprised that I seem to LOVE every single outfit Fearne Cotton wears.
Her style is such a mish mash of everything, I think that her oufits really shouldn't work but COMPLETELY do, you'll see what I mean below.
I also really like the fact that you cannot define her style because she can go from really chic to really edgy on a day-to-day basis. I narrowed down my favourite outfits as much as I could but there were just SO many. Here goes:

THIS is what I mean by it shouldn't work but it totally does!

This outfit is my absolute favourite out of all of them!

Do you like Fearne Cotton or any other celebrities style?

Jamilah X

Monday, 13 June 2011


Hey everyone! Because I'm now back at school (as an A2 level student no less :s) my outfit posts will be a lot less frequent because even though I'm in Sixth Form I am still required to wear a uniform so only really wear my own clothes on the weekends or when I go to work. Anyhoo, on with the blog post...

I am loving the recent aztec trend and I reckon it's a trend to watch during the summer because I think it'll blow up. The prints are so bold and bright and perfect for summer and I think you either love it or hate it, but here are my high street picks:

Urban Outfitters £30
I love the print and the colours of this! With jeans or shorts it would make an outfit!

Topman £14
Yes I know it's Topman! but so what! It's pretty! I say improvise, get a smaller size so it's fitted or belt it or even wear it baggy, it's really reasonably priced!

Urban Outfitters £26
If you're really brave you could give these leggings a go with a simple dress or top!

And it's not just about the clothing...

Oasis at House of Fraser £14
I actually love this aztec style cuff, it's amazing and is really versatile!

New Look £9.99
So simple yet so on trend...

What do you think of the aztec trend?

Jamilh X