Saturday, 28 August 2010

Winter Time!

I am SO excited for Winter. It's just like I get excited for the floaty dresses and sandals just before summer. Although I love that I'm now excited for the chunky knits, tights, leggings and lots of warm, comfy layers! Also, nothing is better than the Christmas atmosphere in London which isn't too far away. I know I'll regret saying this when I'm freezing my butt off at the bus stop in a few weeks, oh well...
So because of winter time approaching I thought I talk about the big winter trends and show you some items from shops that I think will fit well with the different themes.

1. Camel Coats
Camel is everywhere for winter! You cannot avoid it, so if you don't like it, live with it or grow to love it. Personally, I really like it, it's such a neutral colour and goes with almost anything. The first coat is £70 at Asos, the second coat is £80 at Topshop and the last coat is £45 at Next.

2. Military
Military is massive, anything double-breasted is pretty much acceptable. Buttons, buttons, buttons are key!
1- Urban Outfitters £195!, 2 - Dorothy Perkins £26, 3 - Asos £46.

3. Lace-up Shoe Boots
I'm sure you must have caught onto this trend as it's been going on for quite a while but I think it's great, your feet are warm and comfortable but they also look really good, what more would you want in the winter?
1 - £35, 2 - Kurt Geiger £79.99, 3. All Saints £175

4. Denim Jackets 
You can't go wrong with a denim jacket, I especially like the first one, it's really funky and the studs make it really edge, a lot of people are wearing them, cropped ones are really big. 
1 - Topshop £40 2 - River Island £44.99 3 - Oasis £45

5. Fur-lined Jackets
I was not too keen on fur-lined jackets when I first saw them, I thought they were a bit chavvy, I do think they are an acquired taste but I actually really like them now, they remind me of helicopter pilots in those old movies you see. Haha, pretty lame but hey, these are my favorite.
1 - River Island £59.99, 2 - Asos £110, 3 -  Next £75

Well hope you enjoyed it all.
Jamilah X

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Joobah said...

Yeah, the aviator jackets are huge - there's been a big scramble for them.

Surprisingly enough, I really like the £45 Next coat, it seems to pick up on the military as well as the camel theme.