Friday, 24 September 2010

London Fashion Week.

Sorry I've been a tad MIA this past week but I've just been so busy. I promise to be better next week.
My post is going to be on possibly what every fashion blogger is posting about this week.
The one. The only. London Fashion Week.
I'm going to show you my favorite celebrity outfits from London fashion week after spending hours scouring through photos.

Ahh Alexa Cheung, yes I DO love her style, although I not as keen on the 2nd outfit, I love the first. The tweed jacket is really different and cool, and I kinda want one. I also love the simple white shirt she's paired it with and then the unusual accessories, I think it comes together really nicely.

On the left, Lisa Snowdon's outfit is really simple yet really chic, the all black with the black double breasted gold buttons looks really good and fits in with the military trend. Also, on the right, size 12 supermodel Erin O'Connor's jacket is such a vivid and cool colour. And personally, I LOVE the t-shirt.

I couldn't find any pictures of Emma Watson from this London Fashion Week, but these are some previous pictures of her from the same event. I'm not always a massive fan of what Emma Watson wears but I think these two pictures show her two completely different types of style, which I think is really good. She can look all glamorous and sparkly in the gold belted dress yet still look incredibly stylish and sophisticated pulling of casual grunge with a veneer of ssphitication. That and her radiant face (though her hair is a tragic loss) can pretty much pull anything off. Jealous? Me? Never!

British actress Alice Eve on the left wore possibly my favorite outfit. She looks alsolutely amazing in the White, knee-legnth dress with a scooping neckline (I guess she got the memo about the 'only boobs OR legs thing'), thin belt and subtle necklace. The bag is beautiful chocolate coloured leather, and although I'm don't really like pointy shoes, they are really nice and look amazingly pretty and incredibly coordinated with the rest of her outfit. Her subtle make-up and natural hair completes the look to perfection.
Lastly, Jameela Jamil cleans up very nicely in that skintight black dress. I'm not much of a fan of her style because I generally think she shows too much skin, but this suitable length dress with cap-sleeves is really appropriately accessorised and looks really nice.

Hope you liked all the outfits.
I have a giveaway I think I'll launch sometime during the week so watch this space! :)

Jamilah X

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Cable Knit.

The whole cable knit thing is really getting big at the moment, especially with winter round the corner. It may remind you of balding men who play cricket, but if you get it right you'll look great.
These are my favorite cable knit jumpers at the moment.

1. Both Topshop £48

Navy, cream, cardigan, jumper. You want it, Topshop will have it. I love the Navy one for something a bit different and they look uber comfy!

2. Zara £29.99

If you're looking for something a little more fitted than than the Topshop one, and about £20 cheaper, then this is perfect smart-casual wear.

3. Left Zara £25.99, Right Zara £19.99
Zara, as usual are way ahead of everyone else doing both pieces in Camel, Cream or Green. I love the green ones, but any would be good by me. They're thick and warm as well as being unique with the gold buttons on the cardigan and cropped sleeves on the sweater.

4. River Island £34.99
A little pricey but I love this one, I think it's my joint favorite with the Zara sweater, and the small studs give it and little extra something.

I love all of them and I hope you like some of them too.
Jamilah X

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Recent Purchases.

Right I'm going to show you what I have recently bought. All sorts of exciting things.
Here we go...

1. Navy Hooded Duffel Coat - Topshop £80
Oh this Navy duffel coat is nothing less than beautiful. I get a whiff of nostalgia when I put it on - It reminds me of when I had to wear a duffel coat to school when I was little with the toggles and all. It's also very snug and has a hood. Probably my best Winter buy this year.

2. Knitted Scarf - Zara £9.99
This is the comfiest, softest, warmest scarf I've ever owned. I actually bought it in Navy but they didn't have navy on the website and this was my second favorite colour. They have it in a range of other colours too, I bought my sister the grey one. I feel like a big fluffy marshmallow in it.

3. Leggings - both Zara £19.99
I wear leggings practically all the time so you can see why I invested in these on trend camel leggings and grey ribbed leggings from Zara. The grey ones were actually reduced to £9.99 for a while which is the price I got them for but they've gone back up to £19.99. They're still very much worth it, they're extremely warm and comfortable.

4. Union Jack Weekend Bag - Accessorize £38

This is actually my school bag, I've had the same style bag from accessorize for the past 3 years as they come out on different patterns, I love this style because its so sturdy which I need with all the heavy books and it looks good.

5. Black Buckle Shoes - Kate Kanzier £35
These were a real bargain if you ask me, again they are school shoes and they're probably the school shoes I've liked the most. They are incredible comfortable, I got no blisters when I first wore them, they're really sturdy, they have no laces (always a bonus) and most of all... they're pretty!

Hope you enjoyed my little display of purchases.
Until next time.

Jamilah X

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Spot the Difference.

I've been seeing the new Alexander McQueen skull scarf EVERYWHERE or so it seems. Everyone including The Saturdays, Ashleigh Simpson, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie and Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon (though why a 13 year old girl needs a £215 scarf beats me), have been spotted wearing it.
I have to say these aren't my biggest fashion idols but they've found something good. The chiffon beauty comes in simple and wearable with almost anything, black and white to wacky and best for occasional use, green and purple.
I reckon the black and white version of this scarf will be a classic, something which will stay with you a long time and although I'm not a massive fan of skulls I have to say I adore this scarf.
Now I know what you're thinking, £215 on a scarf which is why I have found something truly incredible. A far, far cheaper version of the scarf from It's every bit as pretty but the best part is that it's only £8!!! So spot the difference...

The one on the left is the £8 one and on the right we have the £215 scarf.
They look practically identical.
Warmth. Edginess. Cheapness AND Stylishness.
 I couldn't ask for much more from a scarf.

Jamilah X

Thursday, 2 September 2010


I mentioned the whole fur-lined jacket trend in a previous post and I have found the Messiah of aviator jackets as far as I'm concerned...

This aviator jacket from Acne is truly beautiful. They sell it in black too but I personally prefer it in grey. The shearling collar, the zips, the colour... it's a shame it's selling for £1,135 which is WAY out of my price range but hey if you have the money I'd say it's a pretty darn good investment if you'll wear it a lot.

I'm off to dream about the jacket...
Jamilah X