Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I came across this website in my travels and as I opened the link i wasn't expecting anything special. But I got something wonderful, You KNOW my obsession with boots and this shop has some of the most gorgeous boots, but back to those later. You can find MyBagAndShoes HERE.

I have quite a few favorites on this website. Here goes...

Dark Brown Wedge Ankle Boots
These aren't something I's normally go for but I actually think they're really unique and cute, LOVE the lace detail.

Dark Brown Leather Satchel.
EEEEK This satchel is SO pretty. With all the zips and leather. I'm mesmorised =)

Suede Satchel Bag
ANOTHER beautiful bag... oh dear I'm being spoiled. The colour of this makes me want to squel with happiness. WOW.

I'm not normally one for animal print... or heels for that matter but these really blew me away. One. Word. Preeeetty.

Brown Ankle Boots
A second pair of heels which caught my eye. They're so simple and seem like they're be so versatile. I really want them.

And lastly, my favorite. The most beautiful boots...


They come in BLUE too!

Shabbies Boots in Brown and Blue
Need I say more, just look at them... Ahh, I think I'm in love. Whilst I go drool over all they beauties, check out their website  .
And as you can see from the pictures they have 20% of on a lot of items at the moment. So WHAT are you waiting for?

Jamilah X

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Monday, 17 January 2011

Golden Globes.

Last night saw the Golden Globes and the Funky, the Fabulous and the downright embarrasing. And it wasnt JUST the girls who made the effort! Justin Bieber was there, looking dapper in a three piece, all black D&G tux and black trainers. However I still find myself wondering if he'll EVER grow?
Julianne Moore looked like a badly wrapped, Fuschia quality street in Lanvin and Tilda Swinton looked like she'd falled from heaven, no LITERALLY, the pale skin, bleached hair, crisp white shirt and satin off-white skirt was all a bit of an angelic overload.

Anyhoo, on the the best dressed. These were my faveorite outfits of the night (brace yourself for an image heavy post:
Catherine Zeta Jones in Monique Lhullier. I was a bit skepticakl about this at first but I love the colour. It looks like a forest. There's something strange about her face though, can't put my finger on it.

Anne Hathaway sparkling in Armani Prive.

Leighton Meester in a nude Burberry Gown. I especially love the ruffled sleeves.

Glimmering Green Goddess Angelina Jolie in Versace. Need I comment? It's Angelina Jolie. She always looks fab.

Star of Black Swann Mila Kunis in this emerald beauty by one and only Vera Wang.

Amy Adams in Marchesa. I love the deep shade of navy blue an the ruffle detail around the torso. The figure hugging dress clings in all the right places.

Carrie Underwood looked truly stunning in this beautiful nipped in Badgely Mischka frock. 

I'm not a massive fan of Lea Michele but I have to admit, her asymmetrical Oscar de la Renta ruffled dress wowed me.

Another Glee start, Diana Agron went for simple elegance in this J.Mendel pleated dress, and it really worked for her. Everything from her natural make-up, curled locks and clutch was brilliantly selected.

And LASTLY but 100% NOT LEAST...

Scarlett Johansson looked absolutely dazzling in this cascading Elie Saab dress.

Within the golden globe outfits, I've noticed a trend for Nudes and deep emerald colours. Everyone looked wonderful and I'm sure the night was buckets of fun =D.

Jamilah X

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Love Suzie.

I remember when I first started reading fashion blogs, a lot of independent online jewellery shops came to light and as I started to blog, I seemed to find even more. The best thing about them is that their jewellery is unique, special and incredibly cute! One of the one's I've always loved and I remember seeing it from when it just started up, is Love Suzie,

These are some of my faveorite pieces from there:-
 Anyone For Scrabble? £2.99
 I can't believe noone's ever thought of a scrabble ring before! and it's amazingly priced!

 Time Is Of The Essence! £13.99

 Babushka Babushka £6.99

 He Who Holds The Key... £9.99

 Errol £6.99

 I thoroughly recommend their edgy jewellery. It's so boring having the same stuff as everyone else.

Jamilah X

Monday, 3 January 2011

Christmas Cupcakes.

Another pastime I have, apart from clothes, is baking. And these were the cupcakes I made on Christmas. They were chocolate cupcakes with chocolate and vanilla buttercream.
Also, half way through I ran out of chocolate butter cream and only had one piping bag to ice them so I put the vanilla in the same one but it created a really cool effect. Have a look...

Jamilah X

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Post Secret.


anyway back to that some other time...

Some of you may have heard of an American based organisation, including a blog and books which is called Post Secret. On the blog, people email or send in anonymous postcards with their secrets on, displayed in a creative way and there's generally a theme each week. It's really interesting to look at. Some of them are funny, some are weird and some are just sad.

Here are  my favorite this week (it's really hard to pick just one)...

Here is the link

Jamilah X