Monday, 30 August 2010

She Wears the Boots Too...

When you live in England, you kinda have to embrace and love boots due to the constantly changing and mainly cold weather. Luckily for me I LOVE my boots. I've been a bit bad recently and bought a few new pairs in preparation for Winter. Here are 5 pairs of boots which I think could take you from early Autumn to late Spring. Even if you only have one pair of boots I think it's important to have them in a neutral colour like black or brown so they go with almost anything and in Winter I constantly wear boots so luckily I have plenty of options...

1. Office £35.
Yes, these boots you could say are 'interesting', lots of tassels. You may find these horrible but I think they're pretty cool, they're very different and unique, the only bad thing about them is that they don't go with a lot of outfits buy I think they're good to wear once in a while.

2. Kurt Geiger £90
I love these boots and I went through quite a mission to get them. The first time I wanted them my dad refused to buy them and they sold out, so for months I looked on ebay to see if anyone was selling them, failing that I typed the name of the boots into google and it turned out they were back in stock at Kurt Geiger. I had to wait to put some money in my account to buy them, but after a couple of days they had sold out again. So I emailed them to ask them if they would get them back and they sent me an email of the shops where they were available, these shops included Harrods, Fenwick etc. so putting on my poshest accent I phoned them. The only bad thing was that I have to pay £10 delivery making it £90 altogether but I do think this was a bargain considering they were reduced from £150.

3. Faith £35
I think I've shown these boots before, I love the studs and buckles on them, I don't wear them a lot though because they rattle and the heels click which makes me slightly uncomfortable. They're really pretty though. Faith shoes are only available at Asos now.

4. Aldo £100
This was the truly beautiful present I got from doing well in my GCSE's, they are sooooo beautiful. I really like riding boots. Slightly pricey but SO worth it.

5. Asos (H By Hudson) £125
These are my sisters new boots which she adores. They're really pretty and they go with almost anything. Warm. Stylish. Brilliant for Winter. I'm rather jealous...

Hope you guys love boots as much as I do!

Jamilah X


MJ said...

Oooh, I like the last ASOS ones! Clearly I need more boots...

The October Issue said...

ooo lala you have yourself a nice collection of boots deary =]