Saturday, 13 August 2011

TURKEY! - Image Heavy

As you know, I recently returned from Turkey. It's been crazy, I went to an economics summer school straight after I got back but I have finally got round to doing this post.
Turkey was an amazing place and the people there are SO nice, I think it's been my favourite holiday place to go, I really hope I can go back. We went to Istanbul for 4 days which was near the city, markets and historical sites. We then went to Antalya where we stayed at the most amazing hotel I've ever been to and it was next to the sea and shops which was a more relaxing area.
Also the hotel we stayed at in Antalya is on of " The worlds weirdest hotels" which may explain some of the pictures.
I thought I'd share my holiday pics, however, pictures don't live up to seeing the culture and scenery first hand at all. You should all go if you get the chance!
Here are the pictures, including a few outfits! :)


Random couple getting married in the park.

The Blue Mosque

Guy selling juice :)


View from my window.

The hotels revolving loft rooms (Yes the go ROUND!) which we didn't stay in.

Hadrians Gate.

THE WRITING PILLAR in the hotel - don't worry I made my mark!

Yes we had chair swings, a climbing wall and a massive bookshelf in the middle of the hotel!

Diving Board into the sea.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures and that all of you are having great summers. Have you been anywhere exciting?
Also, I think I might to one post of all the things I bought in Turkey so watch this space.

Jamilah X

Thursday, 11 August 2011


I am seriously lusting a few pairs of Topshop shoes right now. They're all so pretty, with a price tag that shows it!

Seriously - need I explain? >> Brown leather + Studs + Boots = ME in a pair of boots. A bit too pricey for me though.

A bit of a cheaper substitute for the studded ones. They're still very cute!

These shoes are quite controversial and I'm sure a lot of people will hate them. But personally, I love them and can see getting a lot of wear out of them in Winter!

Which pair of boots do you prefer?

The pictures from my trip to Turkey will be up soon and you'll gradually be seeing the ridiculous amount of stuff I bought, although prices were much more reasonable there. I hope nobody has got caught up in any of the riots. Stay Safe! :)

Jamilah X