Monday, 30 August 2010

She Wears the Boots Too...

When you live in England, you kinda have to embrace and love boots due to the constantly changing and mainly cold weather. Luckily for me I LOVE my boots. I've been a bit bad recently and bought a few new pairs in preparation for Winter. Here are 5 pairs of boots which I think could take you from early Autumn to late Spring. Even if you only have one pair of boots I think it's important to have them in a neutral colour like black or brown so they go with almost anything and in Winter I constantly wear boots so luckily I have plenty of options...

1. Office £35.
Yes, these boots you could say are 'interesting', lots of tassels. You may find these horrible but I think they're pretty cool, they're very different and unique, the only bad thing about them is that they don't go with a lot of outfits buy I think they're good to wear once in a while.

2. Kurt Geiger £90
I love these boots and I went through quite a mission to get them. The first time I wanted them my dad refused to buy them and they sold out, so for months I looked on ebay to see if anyone was selling them, failing that I typed the name of the boots into google and it turned out they were back in stock at Kurt Geiger. I had to wait to put some money in my account to buy them, but after a couple of days they had sold out again. So I emailed them to ask them if they would get them back and they sent me an email of the shops where they were available, these shops included Harrods, Fenwick etc. so putting on my poshest accent I phoned them. The only bad thing was that I have to pay £10 delivery making it £90 altogether but I do think this was a bargain considering they were reduced from £150.

3. Faith £35
I think I've shown these boots before, I love the studs and buckles on them, I don't wear them a lot though because they rattle and the heels click which makes me slightly uncomfortable. They're really pretty though. Faith shoes are only available at Asos now.

4. Aldo £100
This was the truly beautiful present I got from doing well in my GCSE's, they are sooooo beautiful. I really like riding boots. Slightly pricey but SO worth it.

5. Asos (H By Hudson) £125
These are my sisters new boots which she adores. They're really pretty and they go with almost anything. Warm. Stylish. Brilliant for Winter. I'm rather jealous...

Hope you guys love boots as much as I do!

Jamilah X

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Winter Time!

I am SO excited for Winter. It's just like I get excited for the floaty dresses and sandals just before summer. Although I love that I'm now excited for the chunky knits, tights, leggings and lots of warm, comfy layers! Also, nothing is better than the Christmas atmosphere in London which isn't too far away. I know I'll regret saying this when I'm freezing my butt off at the bus stop in a few weeks, oh well...
So because of winter time approaching I thought I talk about the big winter trends and show you some items from shops that I think will fit well with the different themes.

1. Camel Coats
Camel is everywhere for winter! You cannot avoid it, so if you don't like it, live with it or grow to love it. Personally, I really like it, it's such a neutral colour and goes with almost anything. The first coat is £70 at Asos, the second coat is £80 at Topshop and the last coat is £45 at Next.

2. Military
Military is massive, anything double-breasted is pretty much acceptable. Buttons, buttons, buttons are key!
1- Urban Outfitters £195!, 2 - Dorothy Perkins £26, 3 - Asos £46.

3. Lace-up Shoe Boots
I'm sure you must have caught onto this trend as it's been going on for quite a while but I think it's great, your feet are warm and comfortable but they also look really good, what more would you want in the winter?
1 - £35, 2 - Kurt Geiger £79.99, 3. All Saints £175

4. Denim Jackets 
You can't go wrong with a denim jacket, I especially like the first one, it's really funky and the studs make it really edge, a lot of people are wearing them, cropped ones are really big. 
1 - Topshop £40 2 - River Island £44.99 3 - Oasis £45

5. Fur-lined Jackets
I was not too keen on fur-lined jackets when I first saw them, I thought they were a bit chavvy, I do think they are an acquired taste but I actually really like them now, they remind me of helicopter pilots in those old movies you see. Haha, pretty lame but hey, these are my favorite.
1 - River Island £59.99, 2 - Asos £110, 3 -  Next £75

Well hope you enjoyed it all.
Jamilah X

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Zara Online.

I'm not sure about you but something I've definitely been waiting for is Zara to start online shopping and my wish has been granted as in exactly 9 days on the 2nd of September Zara Online Shop will be coming to cyberspace, to the comfort of my bedroom, I can buy a gorgeous dress whilst lying on my bed maybe sipping a cuppa. Lucky or what?
Zara is currently one of my favorite shops, I love their sophisticated yet edgy and interesting clothes which you could wear to work as well as casually. It's Brilliant!
So in celebration of this forthcoming event I have been browsing the Zara website and chosen my favorite outfits from the Zara lookbook and catalog which we'll all soon be able to buy with the help of some plastic! Yay! I don't think I can fully portray my excitement in writing but let me tell you, upon finding out, there was lots of jumping and shouting!

So here goes...

 I love all of these looks, I included some men's looks too just because I love men's clothes, I wish I could wear them all the time. I especially like the fur-lined jacket the model on the left is wearing.
I love the outfit of the woman in the middle of the top row, it's so simple but it looks really comfortable and really good and smart-casual, what more do you want from an outfit? It needs a bit of accessorizing though, perhaps a necklace.
I love all the big, comfortable jumpers, especially for winter, the white one in the top right looks really nice however I really like the one in the bottom right because although it looks comfortable, the print makes it cool and funky too. Unfortunately, due to my extraordinary amount of chestiness and it having a high neck and being cropped, it probably would not suit me, but maybe if I saw it in the shop and was REALLY tempted, I could make it work.

 Ok, I'll make this short, I love the smart-cas trousers in the first pictures, and those shoes look really nice. The navy floral dress and satchel bag in the second picture are pretty but edgy. And despite it being an unusual legnth, that skirt in the last picture looks really good, I think you'd really have to wear it right though.

 These outfits are probably ones I wouldn't wear because you'd have to be pretty special to pull of some of this stuff, but if you do it right, you'll look really individual and good. I have to say the first picture has a sort of trampy look but I really like it,especially those fingerless gloves.
The second picture is really on trend with the nautical shirt, long socks and varsity jacket. I got a varsity jacket a while back from River Island, it's actually a man's jacket but I LOVE it.
 And the third picture, what can I say... cable knit? Nothing is ever wrong with cable knit... well most of the time anyway. The dress is also so pretty and floaty, and those shoes...

 Lastly, a few more men's looks which I love. Especially that cool cardigan, which looks really unique in the first picture,  the plaid shirt in the second picture and the chunky cardigan in the last picture. They're all so simple but they all look really good. It must be easy to be a man...

 Ok I shall shutup now...
Hope you can't wait as much as me and that you enjoyed the looks I chose! :)
Jamilah X

Sunday, 22 August 2010

It's in The Bag

I think you can tell a lot about a person from the contents and type of bag they have. Now I am very much a bag person, my vast collection of bags are very special to me and a common theme with all of them is the fact that they are BIG. All the bags I use on a day to day basis apart from the few clutch bags I have for parties are BIG. The bigger the better in my opinion! My friends also often tease me about always having a Mary Poppins' bag. A majority of the time you can find anything and everything in there, they're surprised at what I manage to pull out.

So here is an insight into my Mary Poppins' bag. I haven't included a lot of the crap in there which changes, just the basic things I have in there most of the time. Enjoy! :)

As I travel by the underground quite a bit during the holidays and I'm always the navigator within my group of friends when traveling by tube I always carry my oyster card and a tube map. Without these, knowing me I'd get stuck somewhere or lost.

Everybody needs some good make-up in their bag and what better way to carry it than in my blue polka dot Cath Kidston make-up pouch? Although I don't wear make-up all the time or a lot of it, It's always good to have it there just in case. Something I do use a lot is my chapsticks, I bought two types because I couldn't decide, in my opinion the Carmex is definitely better, it was £2.49 from Superdrug. It keeps my lips super soft and stops them from cracking!

Ok so perhaps these aren't the coolest things to carry but they are the necessities. The picture on top is of my allergy medication, yes I'm allergic to nuts how dorky. The second picture is of my anti-bacterial gel, going into London, on the tube, escalators, public toilets, you never know who's touched what and how gross it may be, so having this keeps my hands clean always.

Minty and Flowery fresh...what else can I say?


The first picture shows my 3D glasses from a film I recently went to see, I'm not going to tell you what it was, it's kinda embarrassing, but it was very good! Yes these aren't an everyday item but they just seemed to not have moved from my bag.
Secondly my Marc Jacobs glasses, hey I can still be cool whilst being geeky!I hardly wear them and can never see anything more than five meters from my face, but I still love them.
And last but not at all least, my lovely Ray Ban Wayfarers. Aaah. You never know when you'll actually need them in London due to the weather's severe daily mood swings so during the summer they stay in there.

The last item which I always need, if only to stuff receipts, pictures and scraps of paper inside is my favorite River Island purse. It's stuffed to the brim and I know the middle bit is broken but the condition of the outside of the purse is still exquisite, it's survived 2 years of being battered around in my numerous bags, dropped, scratched and thrown (don't ask), but I see not even one scuff mark, for £17 I'd say that was a good investment.

And FINALLY the bag itself which has been just as hard-wearing as the purse and has been loaded with A LOT of stuff at times, yet is still intact. This bag is from a store called Costa Blanca in Canada and is one of my favorite and it currently carries all my junk. :).

Jamilah X

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Kate Kanzier

I've recently been hearing this name quite a lot and when my sister told me to look Kate Kanzier up I was definitely pleasantly surprised. Especially after searching for hours for cheap, good quality brogues for school, the cheapest being around £60, looking at the Kate Kanzier website seeing how hard-wearing they look I expected them to be at least the same price. However at just £30 they are such a bargain! You can get two pairs of shoes for the amount you'd normally pay for one!
Kate Kanzier doesn't only sell brogues but they also have loafers, sandals, ballerinas, heels AND bags. They also currently have a summer sale on so what are you waiting for?  Go crazy guys!
I've chosen my favorite item from each genre on the website to show you and let me tell you it was NOT easy to pick just one! I hope you like them! If you'd like to see more Kate Kanzier items click here. And by the way, the items don't just come in the colour I've chosen, most of them come in more that one colour.

I really liked how funky and different these sandals were and guess the price? Only £10!

These were from the 'Ballerinas' section, I'm not sure they're everyone's taste but I liked that they were simple but the colour makes they a bit cooler and more striking, and they're only £20! There are some normal Ballerina's also available on the website which you may like more.

Aaah, brogues, these were probably the hardest to choose as there are SO MANY amazing brogues on the website, there's something for everyone. These brogues are £30.

I'm yet to get a pair of Loafers but these could well be on my wish list, they're £35 and I love the fringing, tassels and slightly glossy look.

Do you see these shoes? These beautiful, candy purple, suede heels? I know they're some of the more expensive heels but I'd pay £55 for them any day. *Sigh*. These are basically me in a shoe.

These were the only Ankle Boots available. Although I wasn't too keen on them at first, I do really like all the
detail and I can see how they could work, they're also reduced from £65 to £30 which it pretty good.

Now, I'm a bit of a sucker for bags, and I loved the strong colour of this and the contrast of the detail, I think it makes it really stand out. It could make a simple outfit more colourful and exciting, it's also reduced from £75 to £55.

Lastly, this £20 bamboo clutch bag was different from any clutch I've ever seen, small but perfectly formed.

I hope you liked the items I chose. Also, if you live in London, there is a Kate Kanzier store on Leather Lane, the nearest tube station to it is Farringdon.
Designer accessories for only a fraction of the price. I love!
Jamilah X

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Style I Want to Steal : Alexis Bledel

So I was flipping through a magazine the other day looking for "inspiration" when I saw a picture of the girl I knew as geeky little Rory Gilmore from the Gilmore Girls all grown up with some serious style! So that's what inspired me to do this post, I'll do a different person every once in a while.
I found images of the recent outfits she's worn and let me tell you her simple yet bold fashion sense definately compliments her natural beauty.
This simple black figure hugging dress contrasts well against her pale skin. She didn't overdo the accessories and so the dress is saved from looking tacky. I like her loose hair because it livens up the look. And do you see those beautiful sturdy black ankle boots? WOW. Is all I can say.

 This beautiful and appropriate, seeing as the sun is shining, floral summer dress. Again, she's kept it simple wearing pretty nude sandles and carrying a small clutch.

The colours are bold the clothes are simple. Simple, Simple, Simple. That's all I have to say people. You can also see that she hasn't over done the make-up. Less is more I say! Those shoes and sunglasses are gorgeous!!! She's managed to look comfortable, smart, casual AND striking. Oh how does she do it?

 Yes I know I said simple... and although her mixing of patterns and colours here is quite daring and un-Alexis like. I think it's safe to say. It works! And the swept back hair and minimal jewellery keeps it from being over the top. Who needs jewelley when you have those shoes?

 Lastly but absolutely not least, this is probably my favorite outfit by a fraction. The colour of this dress is nothing less that dazzling, I wish I could think of a better word but this dress makes me lost for words. The lace detail makes it prettier and more exquisite. And I have only one word left. Shoes.

 Although we can't all look like Alexis Bledel, with her piercing blue eyes and greek-goddess type looks. We can sure dress like her for probably a fraction of the extortionate price I'm sure she paid. The high-street offers so many beautiful floral dresses and simple white shirts that can be paired with slim-fitting black trousers. Or bold coloured heels and plain sandals. Most of her outfits are easy to recreate, thats the best part! The high-street is your oyster.

Jamilah X