Sunday, 10 April 2011

Summer Is Coming.

So it's official, my dad booked a summer family holiday to Turkey, which is very exciting. We're only going for a week because it's the only time we all have free but we're staying in Istanbul (city) for 3 nights and Antalya (beach) for 4 nights.
Anyway, I've been scouting for swimming costumes which probably aren't at their best right now due to it being April, but I still found some nice ones. I have 2 favorites in Bravissimo, due to me being. lets say "gifted" in the chest area. Here they are...

Bravissimo £45

Bravissimo £38

Do you approve of my choices? and which do you prefer? Does anyone have any other suggestion on where to get good swimming costumes and Kaftans?

You'll also be happy to know that I caved and ordered a new camera charger. It cost £50!!!!!! Well that'll teach me to take care of this one.
Now I'm off to boot camp (revision camp) for the next week.
Until then...

Jamilah X