Sunday, 22 August 2010

It's in The Bag

I think you can tell a lot about a person from the contents and type of bag they have. Now I am very much a bag person, my vast collection of bags are very special to me and a common theme with all of them is the fact that they are BIG. All the bags I use on a day to day basis apart from the few clutch bags I have for parties are BIG. The bigger the better in my opinion! My friends also often tease me about always having a Mary Poppins' bag. A majority of the time you can find anything and everything in there, they're surprised at what I manage to pull out.

So here is an insight into my Mary Poppins' bag. I haven't included a lot of the crap in there which changes, just the basic things I have in there most of the time. Enjoy! :)

As I travel by the underground quite a bit during the holidays and I'm always the navigator within my group of friends when traveling by tube I always carry my oyster card and a tube map. Without these, knowing me I'd get stuck somewhere or lost.

Everybody needs some good make-up in their bag and what better way to carry it than in my blue polka dot Cath Kidston make-up pouch? Although I don't wear make-up all the time or a lot of it, It's always good to have it there just in case. Something I do use a lot is my chapsticks, I bought two types because I couldn't decide, in my opinion the Carmex is definitely better, it was £2.49 from Superdrug. It keeps my lips super soft and stops them from cracking!

Ok so perhaps these aren't the coolest things to carry but they are the necessities. The picture on top is of my allergy medication, yes I'm allergic to nuts how dorky. The second picture is of my anti-bacterial gel, going into London, on the tube, escalators, public toilets, you never know who's touched what and how gross it may be, so having this keeps my hands clean always.

Minty and Flowery fresh...what else can I say?


The first picture shows my 3D glasses from a film I recently went to see, I'm not going to tell you what it was, it's kinda embarrassing, but it was very good! Yes these aren't an everyday item but they just seemed to not have moved from my bag.
Secondly my Marc Jacobs glasses, hey I can still be cool whilst being geeky!I hardly wear them and can never see anything more than five meters from my face, but I still love them.
And last but not at all least, my lovely Ray Ban Wayfarers. Aaah. You never know when you'll actually need them in London due to the weather's severe daily mood swings so during the summer they stay in there.

The last item which I always need, if only to stuff receipts, pictures and scraps of paper inside is my favorite River Island purse. It's stuffed to the brim and I know the middle bit is broken but the condition of the outside of the purse is still exquisite, it's survived 2 years of being battered around in my numerous bags, dropped, scratched and thrown (don't ask), but I see not even one scuff mark, for £17 I'd say that was a good investment.

And FINALLY the bag itself which has been just as hard-wearing as the purse and has been loaded with A LOT of stuff at times, yet is still intact. This bag is from a store called Costa Blanca in Canada and is one of my favorite and it currently carries all my junk. :).

Jamilah X

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