Monday, 29 November 2010


As I participate in the Young Enterprise scheme within my school which gives students the chance to start as business with the guidance of a business adviser from a local company, our company has come up with 2 products to sell, one of them are corsages.
You may know them as the flowers that people wear to Prom's in America, but a lot more people in england have started to wear them on their clothes, in their hair and on bags everyday. We hand make all of them and charge £2.50 to sell them.
Here are some pictures:-

 They're so versatile and can be worn on most items of clothing.

More about our other product in a later post.
Jamilah X

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Harry Potter Premiere.

It was so hard to pick my favorite outfits to the most fashionable event of the month. The Harry Potter premiere, so this is a rather picture heavy post. ENJOY!

Well Chloe Moretz is definitely the most stylish 13 year old I've ever seen!

Gossip Girl's Clemence Posey sports a beautiful black lace dress with small black satin flower detail, puffed sleeves and sleek black shoes.

I can definitely see a pattern of black and lace emerging, Emma Watson decided this skimpy black faux fur trimmed dress was for her. Considering her usual elegant and quirky style, I find this dress disappointing, I think there's too little of it. Come on Emma don't let yourself down, ever heard of the boobs OR legs rule?

Nice dress Konnie, but didn't your mother ever tell you that a lady should ALWAYS keep her legs together, especially when wearing a dress!

I like how brave Helena Bonham Carter has been with this out there, purple and black number. It might not be MY first choice but I do admire her individuality.

Now for the boys...

This suit is genius. Do you think they have a woman's version...?

I do think there's a fine line between stylish and feminine for boys. I still can't get over the idea of straight men standing in front of their mirrors putting on guy-liner before they go out. These guys just about fall into the stylish category, but anymore hair gel and pouting and I'll start to wonder...

And now for the real gem of the evening. I saved the best till last because I thought this girl looked really beautiful...
Rebecca Fergson looks absolutely stunning. The simple dress, hair and makeup accentuates her natural beauty. And I'm rather fond of the shoes too...

 Cher and Katie joined her on the red carpet but I don't think either of them look nearly as good as Rebecca. I think it proves what the simplicity of an outfit can do rather than a slightly overcluttered look like Katie's.

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Jamilah. X