Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tick Tock.

Since I've been travelling recently and I'm starting uni soon, I don't want to have to get out my phone every time I need to know the time. Now I've been lusting after those Michael Kors watches as much as the next lady, but unfortunately my budget doesn't quite stretch that far. I found this watch sitting around in my house but the strap was broken so I went to a shop where there were LOADS of new, different straps to choose from. I thought it was brilliant, if you get tired of your watch, or find an old one lying around you can go and practically get a completely new watch, and the best part, it only cost about £15. I picked a black faux croc-skin effect one, it goes with everything and I think it looks really vintagey and cool!

Excuse the eyliner swatches on my hand.

So the next time you think of going to buy a new watch but are a little strapped for cash, have a bit of a rummage around to see if you have an old watch first and just get a new strap!

Jamilah X

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