Thursday, 24 February 2011


I'm lusting after THIS amazing bag I spotted in the ASOS sale. Studs, tassels and just about big enuogh to fit all my junk in it - all my favorite things in one! Big, yet very portable pretty bag, I want, I want, I want. I MUST resist! :(

 £47 reduced from £85 from ASOS

To Buy or Not to Buy. THAT is the question.

Here are some other bargain buys I spotted on ASOS...

This jumper's great to fit in with the whole varsity trend and I love the colour. There are some other similar ones just as reasonably priced on ASOS too. 
ASOS East Side College Jumper £20

Oasis Dress With Peter Pan Collar  
Reduced to £25 from £50

ASOS Wishbone Knitted Dress   
Reduced to £20 from £50

Anything on your wishlist?

Jamilah X

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Michaela said...

Love the bag, the ASOS sales are really good! Thankyou for your comment!