Sunday, 6 March 2011

Pretty in Camel.

I'm not feeling well but managed to drag myself out of the warmth of my bed and despite looking like there are 5 computers in front of me rather than one, post about pretty dresses. To be more specific, I'm really feeling the Camel Shift dress.
Whilst I was away for 4 days on my Geography trip, my Mother did what she always does when I go away - CLEANS! She completely rearranged my cupboards, it looks great and she was so astonished by the number of clothes I have- my 2 double wardrobes are now referred to as 'the shop'. However, I have now been banned from shopping :(
But do you think she'd notice if I bagged one of these? They're and investment right? Classic Pieces!

Zara £49.99
Simple. Classic. Goes with just about anything. It's a winner!

Warehouse £40

Which one do you prefer?

Jamilah X


Joobah said...

I like the second one, although the first is very lovely too. Hmm. I might have to look out for it on the Gian Shopping Trip I have planned for when my thesis is handed in on Friday! :)

Anonymous said...

grrr i dont like you! I have to workworkwork
if you fancy buying me a pretty camel shift dress then go for it :D


Avenue Mode said...

I prefer the second
I don't know why