Friday, 11 February 2011


I love browsing the end of the sales, although it makes you depressed when you see things which you bought a couple of months ago, now half the price, the triumph of spotting something you wouldn't have even thought of buying at the previous price, now much cheaper is always pretty darn fabulous. Which is why when I spotted this Aviator Jakcet, I gave in and ordered it, but hey with my Biology mock and Economics mocks and everything else going on that's so crazy, I hope i deserve it.

I LOVE all the detail, especially the quiltel patches and the zips!
"ASOS Faux Shearling Aviator" reduced to £30 from £60
Do you approve?

 Anyhoo, I'm also looking for some good jeggings, I got some about a year ago from topshop but I reckon it's time for some new ones, any suggestions? Maybe Topshop again? The thing is the Topshop near my house is RUBBISH and I'd have to go to oxford street which is always packed plus I have NO time. Hmmm maybe with half term coming up I'll take a little visit to Oxford Street.

Jamilah X

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