Thursday, 3 February 2011

Goodbye Jack Wills.

This, for me is a rather exciting post. You may have seen my rant about Jack Wills in my last post, but their need to be perfect isn't the only thing that annoys me about them. It's also the fact that when I walk into school or down the street I see 9 out of 10 girls my age wearing Jack Wills, at present the most popular garment is the Gilet. I must admit I quite like it myself and contemplated buying it, but I had reluctance. I wanted something different but the same. I do like the preppy Jack Wills style, but why did it have to be Jack Wills? I don't want to be a clone so I did some research and after much whooping ad shrieking and glee, I have decided to share my findings with you!
I've found quite a few shops that have a VERY similar style to Jack Wills but AREN'T JACK WILLS! EEK! Some of the stuff is also quite a bit cheaper an you're not just paying for the brand name, I've heard the quality is pretty great too...
These are my favorite 2:
1. Crew Clothing Co.

GBR Gilet, also in Pink £98

Rowley Blazer, also comes striped, £98

Suzi Boot reduced from £135 to £52 in the sale.

Riley Rugby Shirt also in Pink and Blue £55

GBR Hoody also in Pink and White £70

2. Joules Clothing

Bardia Hoody also in Navy £59

They have the BEST shoes, especially WELLIES! so if your going to a festival in the summer, take a look at their collection, their wellies aren't too extortionately priced either!
Wellies £35 and Shoes £69

Dauntsey Shirt £49 - floral and floaty, perfect for spring!

Didmarton Quilted Jacket also in Red £79 and Royal Nimba Gilet also in Navy £79

And that's your lot. So think twice if you're going to buy something from Jack Wills and if you want to be a little more individual maybe try out one of these shops instead? Maybe it'll become the "next big thing", which would be annoying because then I'd have to find other shops, but still, you can say you had it first!

What do you think of their clothes?

Jamilah X


Romy said...

I REALLY want the crew blazer! It's so gorgeous. I love joules clothing and I have some things, but I haven't got a lot because it is all so expensive!

P.S. The t-shirt and bag arrived, I love them! Thank you so much! Xxx

Jamilah said...

i knoww! they're so pretty.

glad you like them! :) xxx

Madison's Assortment said...

I like the T-Bar shoes and the blouse. But I get what you mean, the Jack Wills gilet is just too popular. I hate having something that everyyyonee has. Haa.
Thanks for commenting on my blog xo

MJ said...

Argh. I wish I could like Jack Wills, but living in Oxford and seeing all the posh kids wearing it has made me swear off it for life. Great lookalikes though - the prices of the originals are ridiculous!