Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Yes I've been a BAD blogger! and I'm very sorry. I've be SOOO busy lately (I hate A Levels) and I haven't been very well. However, I have some exciting posts planned when I get round to then and I've decided I'm going to order a new camera charger.
Also, my sister told me about a very exciting escapade she had around the oxford charity shops the other day. She found a Karl Lagerfield *eek* coat for VERY CHEAP I am told. And she made sure to call me straight after just to rub it in a little. Me... Jealous? ...neverr!
I got my H&M catalogue today and I saw a lovely big bag so I took a quick look at their website and they're in NO short supply of pretty bags...

This pretty summery bag. It's only £14.99 so I say GRAB it while you can and visualise the lazy days in summer on the beach with your rather dashing canvas bag by your side. And there are four colours/patterns to choose from!

A perfect bag for the day or even for school. At £19.99 it wont break the bank. Just shove everything in it and GO GO GO!

Lastly and My personal favorite, I think it comes with a longer strap too so it can be accross the body which is very convenient. It's only £29.99!

And bags you've got your eye on at the moment?

Jamilah X


MJ said...

Oh my goodness! Is that your sis Joobah who I met that one time? Do you know which shop she got it from?

Joobah said...

Hey MJ - I can't remember which, but it was one of the Summertown charity shops on Banbury Road. I remember noticing quite a few lovely things and a smattering of designer labels amongst them, though I wasn't up to the shortening and taking-in that most of them would've needed. Definitely worth a look though!