Sunday, 5 September 2010

Spot the Difference.

I've been seeing the new Alexander McQueen skull scarf EVERYWHERE or so it seems. Everyone including The Saturdays, Ashleigh Simpson, Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie and Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon (though why a 13 year old girl needs a £215 scarf beats me), have been spotted wearing it.
I have to say these aren't my biggest fashion idols but they've found something good. The chiffon beauty comes in simple and wearable with almost anything, black and white to wacky and best for occasional use, green and purple.
I reckon the black and white version of this scarf will be a classic, something which will stay with you a long time and although I'm not a massive fan of skulls I have to say I adore this scarf.
Now I know what you're thinking, £215 on a scarf which is why I have found something truly incredible. A far, far cheaper version of the scarf from It's every bit as pretty but the best part is that it's only £8!!! So spot the difference...

The one on the left is the £8 one and on the right we have the £215 scarf.
They look practically identical.
Warmth. Edginess. Cheapness AND Stylishness.
 I couldn't ask for much more from a scarf.

Jamilah X

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Joobah said...

Love it, and yeah, why *do* celebrities feel the need to kit out tiny tots and tweens in ridiculously expensive gear?