Sunday, 12 September 2010

Cable Knit.

The whole cable knit thing is really getting big at the moment, especially with winter round the corner. It may remind you of balding men who play cricket, but if you get it right you'll look great.
These are my favorite cable knit jumpers at the moment.

1. Both Topshop £48

Navy, cream, cardigan, jumper. You want it, Topshop will have it. I love the Navy one for something a bit different and they look uber comfy!

2. Zara £29.99

If you're looking for something a little more fitted than than the Topshop one, and about £20 cheaper, then this is perfect smart-casual wear.

3. Left Zara £25.99, Right Zara £19.99
Zara, as usual are way ahead of everyone else doing both pieces in Camel, Cream or Green. I love the green ones, but any would be good by me. They're thick and warm as well as being unique with the gold buttons on the cardigan and cropped sleeves on the sweater.

4. River Island £34.99
A little pricey but I love this one, I think it's my joint favorite with the Zara sweater, and the small studs give it and little extra something.

I love all of them and I hope you like some of them too.
Jamilah X

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MJ said...

I love the Zara one too, but can't help feeling you could probably find ones just as good in a charity or vintage shop...