Monday, 30 May 2011


Exams are over and I'M BACK!
To celebrate our freedom, me and my friend took a trip to the one and only Westfield, after all what better way to enjoy your freedom than shopping? It was quite an exciting day, not only did we see Ellie Goulding and Greg James in front of us in the queue in Topshop but the journey home was also eventful as it was the night of the big Man U vs. Barcelona match so there was lots of singing (in Spanish), jumping up and down and almost-fights between fans on the train.
Anyway, whilst my friend was unusually more crazy with her shopping, I was even more unusually controlled. And because of my student discount being 20% instead of 10% in Topshop this week only, I got some things cheaper, this is what I bought:-

 MOTO Leigh Ankle Grazer Jeans - Topshop £28.80 (£36 without my discount)
 They fit really nicely and although it says they're ankle grazers, they don't really seem like that on me. They're stretchy, a bit like jeggings.

Multi Stripe Slash Arm T-shirt - Topshop £14.40 (£18 without my discount)
Bright and stripey, I love it. I'm still not sure I'll keep it though because it's not the most flattering top on me.

Large Blouse With Pockets (this is what it's called on the website not what I chose to call it). - Zara £29.99
I got it in blue and Ill probably wear it with leggings. It's perfect and thin enough for the summer.

 Chunky Metal Ring in Light Red - H&M £3.99
It looks more orange than red in real life and it comes in 3 other colours. Just a warning, it's VERY big!

What do you think?
Anybody else bought anything recently?

Jamilah X


Temporary:Secretary said...

The ring is awesome! Great price for a statement piece! xxx

mily sánchez said...

Hi all today I love you still