Thursday, 6 January 2011

Love Suzie.

I remember when I first started reading fashion blogs, a lot of independent online jewellery shops came to light and as I started to blog, I seemed to find even more. The best thing about them is that their jewellery is unique, special and incredibly cute! One of the one's I've always loved and I remember seeing it from when it just started up, is Love Suzie,

These are some of my faveorite pieces from there:-
 Anyone For Scrabble? £2.99
 I can't believe noone's ever thought of a scrabble ring before! and it's amazingly priced!

 Time Is Of The Essence! £13.99

 Babushka Babushka £6.99

 He Who Holds The Key... £9.99

 Errol £6.99

 I thoroughly recommend their edgy jewellery. It's so boring having the same stuff as everyone else.

Jamilah X


Ludovica said...

heyy!thank u sooo much for your comment on my blog!!i follow u!if u wanna follow me i m happy!!!
beautiful jewellery!

Isabel said...

i love the owl necklace