Tuesday, 27 November 2012


I love popcorn, but it isn't the healthiest snack so I don't tend to eat it very often. However, now I've found a way to make a healthier and cheaper version I might indulge in it more often. I buy a pack of plain, unpopped popcorn colonels and pour a suitable amount into a bowl. I then add a small amount of olive oil to allow the seasoning to stick to the colonels and also add the seasoning. I like to add salt, pepper and chilli powder for a bit of a kick, but you can add sugar or whatever you want. I then put a large enough pan on the hob on quite a high temperature and put a bit of olive oil in the pan. I wait till the pan is extremely hot, add the colonels and shut the lid straight away and watch it pop away until the popping subsides.

It's great because you can personalise it to exactly how you want it and experiment with flavours. I wouldn't go so far as to say it was 'healthy' unless you don't add any seasoning, but much healthier than ready made and microwave packets.

What's your favourite flavour of popcorn?

Jamilah x

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