Thursday, 11 August 2011


I am seriously lusting a few pairs of Topshop shoes right now. They're all so pretty, with a price tag that shows it!

Seriously - need I explain? >> Brown leather + Studs + Boots = ME in a pair of boots. A bit too pricey for me though.

A bit of a cheaper substitute for the studded ones. They're still very cute!

These shoes are quite controversial and I'm sure a lot of people will hate them. But personally, I love them and can see getting a lot of wear out of them in Winter!

Which pair of boots do you prefer?

The pictures from my trip to Turkey will be up soon and you'll gradually be seeing the ridiculous amount of stuff I bought, although prices were much more reasonable there. I hope nobody has got caught up in any of the riots. Stay Safe! :)

Jamilah X


Temporary:Secretary said...

Love the second pair so much! x

alexhalsey11 said...

Put the Turkey photos up =]

Romy said...

The second pair are so so gorgeous! x