Monday, 29 November 2010


As I participate in the Young Enterprise scheme within my school which gives students the chance to start as business with the guidance of a business adviser from a local company, our company has come up with 2 products to sell, one of them are corsages.
You may know them as the flowers that people wear to Prom's in America, but a lot more people in england have started to wear them on their clothes, in their hair and on bags everyday. We hand make all of them and charge £2.50 to sell them.
Here are some pictures:-

 They're so versatile and can be worn on most items of clothing.

More about our other product in a later post.
Jamilah X


Vicki said...

very cute! great idea! :)

Joobah said...

These are so pretty - I especially like the purple ones. And great photography, such a good idea to make the background black and white to make the corsages pop out.