Sunday, 24 October 2010

An Outfit In Detail.

I saw another blogger do this a while back and thought I'd give it a go myself. I chose clothes with lots of texture and bright colours and photographed them up close.
I hope you like the pictures.

I love the contrasting textures of the thick knitted jumper and elbow patch (Zara Man) and the simple elegance of the rings which softens the overall look.

The charcoal coloured jumper and vibrant bag look amazing against eachother.

What can I say? I do love my riding boots, especially the buckle detail.

Jamilah X


Joobah said...

LOVE. It's such a cosy sweet look - I like how it's all neutrals just accessorised well, with the rings and the bright bag.

(Also your photographer is simply amazing - you should really credit them, the way other bloggers do. I mean, what's up with this whole 'I photographed' thing?)

Romy Grace said...

I love your jumper - I have a bit of a thing about elbow patches haha. Xx